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January 25, 2011

Since I've been advised by trustworthy types not to read longer than twenty minutes, I'm pacing around the house this morning reading aloud the shortest stories from THE MOTHER WHO STAYED. Some stories work best on the page and others are good for reading aloud.The one I thought would be perfect is 6 minutes too long and requires a real performance. Perhaps from Kathleen Chalfant or another fine performer. I'm about to try another.

At UNC/Greensboro in Fall 2008, I read "The Eye," the first story in the book, and that took a long time. It was well received and Michael Parker assured and reassured me that I didn't bore anyone's socks off, but who knows? A special audience at a university reading--hardened graduate students and faculty, trained in the ways of listening to visitors reading and reading. Shorter beats longer any day. Onward and upward.


  1. January 26, 2011 10:18 AM EST
    The site it very nicely done! Elegant and quietly gracious like its namesake. I am so happy for your success but will miss you awfully while you travel.
    - Beth

The Mother Who Stayed

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Winedale Books, 2001.
"Furman’s portraits of her characters are rich in telling details, showing them utterly and convincingly rooted in their worlds. Her luxuriant histories of grief are sure and exact, drawing the reader in and rarely loosening their grip." The New York Times Book Review
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"The stories in Watch Time Fly are deceptively simple; they illustrate the way in which masterful skill can disguise itself as an innocent lack of literary self-consciousness." –Wendy Lesser, The New York Times Book Review
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reissued by Winedale Books in 2000
"Tuxedo Park is the best entertainment imaginable, rich in plot and event, pulling the reader from page to page as powerfully as the most suspenseful thriller. But it's also good literature. It's finely crafted, each character lovingly, carefully wrought, each scene meticulously colored and every detail palpable.... This is a book that first catches your eye and then grabs your heart. It hangs on and won't let go." — Anne Tyler, USA Today
Viking Press, 1982
Winedale Books, 1996.
"Ordinary Paradise shows how a devastating loss, acknowledged or not, can seep through the family psyche." —The New York Times Book Review
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