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Reports of a sort

Manchester, here I come

Manchester, Vermont, is close to Cambridge, New York, where I used to live and where part of THE MOTHER WHO STAYED is set. It's also home to Northshire Bookstore, a wonderful, old-fashioned, up-to-date, welcoming independent bookstore. I'll be reading there on February 12, and I'm looking forward to it.

This engagement might give me the chance to drive in terrible cold and/or snow for the first time in decades.

In Manchester, I'm looking forward to meeting Mrs. Carlin Scherer, who lives just down the road from the bookstore. She's inviting her writing group. She sent me a message that it was below zero and reminded me to bring my woolies. And my silk long-johns.

The next day I drive north to Burlington, beautiful Burlington on Lake Champlain to see my family and friends there, and to read at Barnes & Noble at 2 PM on February 13. If it's cold in Manchester, it might be colder in Burlington. Even colder.
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