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Tuxedo Park

Tuxedo Park is something we see too little of these days: genuinely adult fiction.

Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post Book World

Tuxedo Park is the best entertainment imaginable, rich in plot and event, pulling the reader from page to page as powerfully as the most suspenseful thriller. But it's also good literature. It's finely crafted, each character lovingly, carefully wrought, each scene meticulously colored and every detail palpable.... This is a book that first catches your eye and then grabs your heart. It hangs on and won't let go."

Anne Tyler, USA Today


Tuxedo Park is an ambitious, hugely entertaining novel about the ways families come apart and the way they heal.

It is New York in 1945, the end of the Second World War. Young, innocent Sadie Ash, an orphan raised by her domineering brother, Reuben, is sure she has been rescued when she meets Willard Weaver. Not only is Willard beautiful and seductive, but he has money, taste, breeding, experience—all that Sadie doesn’t have. After a curious courtship, Willard and Sadie marry, have two daughters, Louise and Marilyn, and settle in a Manhattan mews house. Willard’s father, Reed, a snobbish recluse, lives nearby in an East Side townhouse. The Weaver family also owns an Italianate mansion in the historic community of Tuxedo Park, a declining bastion of the very rich and an improbably place for Sadie ever to venture. Yet when Willard abandons her, Sadie chooses to raise her daughters there in the family mansion, where all three wait under the spell of the Park—like Sleeping Beauties—for Willard to return.